Kick off press conference on EU BSB 884 Funded Project on Eco monitoring



EU Funded Project “Joint Monitoring for Environmental Protection in BSB countries”


Project partners: ACTORPUS (Association for Culture, Technology, Education and Development – Plovdiv University – Strandja), Bulgaria; Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Romania; Regional Environmental Centre for Caucasus Armenia Branch Office, Armenia and SABUKO (Society for Nature Conservation), Georgia.

Project duration and funding: 24 months (17.06.2020- 16.07.2022), 1 000 000 euros.

Target groups: Local authorities / local self-government bodies, Community members of the project (Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria), Public organizations of stakeholders (national parks, administrations of protected areas), Civil society groups: university and school students, researchers, etc.

Project areas: The project includes Strandja National Park in Bulgaria, Danube Delta Bioreserve complex in Romania, Dilijan National Park in Armenia, and part of Georgia’s protected areas.

The project objective is to contribute to improving the welfare of the people in BSB region through establishment of joint and compatible cross-border monitoring, evaluation and information systems regarding the state of the environment and improve long-term cross-border collaboration.

 The major project outcome will be the creation of an intelligent platform for the collection, processing and analysis of environmental data via Web-based cloud service for automatic data collection from wireless sensor networks and Web-based cloud service for video content. An Online Monitoring System (OMS) for environmental data in BSB will integrate the measurement data and will serve as a platform for the dissemination of the collected information and data, where professional and non-professional environmental associations and volunteers from civil sector will be able to enter data on the current status of habitats, species and threats, including after project completion.

Meeting objectives, expected outputs and outcomes

The aim of the kick-off press conference held on April 6, 2021 was to present the main objectives and goals of the Project and to demonstrate the potential use and application of best practices of Online Monitoring System (OMS) creation, present implemented actions, including eco –monitoring methodology, capacity building actions on smart monitoring, application and methods for monitoring and measurement of air and water pollution, list of invasive species and other outcomes of the project.
The meeting was focused on increasing awareness on roles of the partnership within EU, established cooperation platforms with Ministry of Environment, Local authorities, Dilijan National Park, Media and Civil Society Representatives, better understanding of the strategy and policy of the partnership.

The meeting was organized by Regional Environmental Centre for Caucasus Armenia and opened by EU delegation Mr. Gonzalo Serrano De La Rosa Head of Cooperation, Ms. Anna Mazmanyan, Deputy Minister of Environment RA, Government office Ms. Astghik Hayrapetyan, Specialist at Loans and Grants’ Programs Coordination Department. The meeting has gathered representatives of government, Ms. Madlen Proshyan, MFA representative, Mr. Levon Azizyan, Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Centre, Acting director of Dilijan National Park Mr. Adam Poghosyan, research institutions, NGOs and other key institutional stakeholders.

Contact Information: Armine Hayrapetyan, Project Assistant, Water Quality Researcher
Email: armine.hayrapetyan@rec-caucasus.am