Capacity Development and Information

Capacity development and information

The programme consists of several activities:
  • Small grant and awards initiatives
  • Support in preparation and participation in Env events
  • NGO forums and networking
  • Public campaigns (hearings, round tables on hot env issues)
  • Trainings, Internships, Personnel CB
  • Public participation and Information campaigns (analysis, reviews distribution)
  • Promotion of Education for SD process
  • Support in implementation of Aarhus Convention
  • Publications and information dissemination
REC Caucasus has implemented and continues to implement number of projects aiming capacity development and information dissemination projects in the South Caucasus region, including:
- Improvement of environmental liability regime: introduction of methodology  for valuation of environmental damage
- Establishing a structured approach towards training of environmental inspectors in Armenia and Azerbaijan
- Promotion of Media – Government – Civil Society Environmental Dialogue in the South Caucasus