Strategic environmental assessment on Solid Waste Management sector, Armenia

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Report on "Strategic Development Plan, Road Map and Long Term Investment Plan for the Solid Waste Management Sector in Armen...



Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment: Facts and Benefits

Armenian version of the brochure introduces the SEA procedure as set out in the Protocol with reference to its provisions,1 and presents the benefits of SEA while rectifying misconceptions regarding this procedure. It al...



Support to establishment of SEA system in Armenia, Phase IV: Final dissemination and awareness raising event

Final dissemination event ''Towards a fully-fledged SEA and EIA system in Armenia'' was convened within the fr...

Environmental Policy and Integration Program

Environmental Policy and Integration Program

The programme consists of several activities:

-International Env Processes (UNECE, OECD, UNEP, SD, etc.) and Compliance with MEAs

-Environmental Cross Sectoral Integration (transport, energy, health, etc)

-Policy Instruments (Env assessment, Standards, labeling, Taxes, etc.)

-Local policy development (LA21, LEAPs, …….)

-EU Integration support (EUNP, Eastern partnership, Partnership for SD, etc.)

-Regional legal instruments