Tender announcement: Film creation services. EU BSB 1138 APRA project

In the framework of EU BSB-1138 Anti-Littering Partnership for Green Rural Areas Project in BSB Countries, REC Caucasus Armenia National Office is announcing a te...



Preparation of Local Solid Waste Management Plans

On February 2, 20f Dilijan community to present the "Methodology for Preparation of Local Solid Waste Management Plans" EU BSB 1138 – “Anti-Littering Par22, a regular meeting on Waste Management Plan preparation was ...



Public Hearings, Syuniq marz, EIA on Analysis of Landscape Restoration and Afforestation Works in Syuniq Region, IFAD GEF

According to the RA Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise / 21.06.2014 HO-110-N / and in accord...

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

 The programme consists of several activities:
  •  Ecosystem services/protection measures
  •  Land degradation / land use/SLM
  •  Biodiversity conservation and sustainable use (including agrobiodiversity)
  •  Water resources management /basin management
  •  Waste management
  •  Forestry
  •  Community based natural resource management(watershed level)

REC Caucasus implements number of projects aiming sustainable management of natural resources in the South Caucasus region including:

- Support Development of Biodiversity Conservation Policies and Practices in Mountain Regions of the South Caucasus

- Waste Governance - ENPI East

Identification and  Implementation of Adaptation Response to Climate Change Impact for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agro-Biodiversity in Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystems of South Caucasus

- Fostering Community Forest Policy and Practice in Mountain Regions of the Caucasus