Launching the Smart city Profile of Goris

Republic of Armenia State Committee on Urban Development, UNECE Land and Housing Division, Regional environmental center for Caucasus and Municipality of Goris city have launched the Smart city Profile for Goris (Syuniq...



RECP Green clubs : supporting resource efficiency and cleaner production for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered as priority for job creation and overall development of Armenian economy. The Government of the Republic of Armeni...



Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Primer for Business Companies

Environmental Policy and Integration Program

REC Caucasus – 15 years of experience


Current overview serves as an introduction to REC Caucasus activities, strategic goals, partnerships and outputs achieved within the recent 15 years of its experience in South Caucasus. Regional environmental center for Caucasus is determined as “to assist in solving environmental problems in the Caucasus region through the promotion of co-operation at national and regional level among NGOs, governments, business, local communities, and all other environmental stakeholders, in order to develop a free exchange of information, in line with the principles of the Aarhus Convention; offer assistance to all environmental NGOs and other stakeholders; and increase public participation in the decision-making process, thereby assisting the states of the Caucasus in the further development of a democratic civil society”.
Development of Mew modules for International Bachelor and Master Programmes in Sustainable Tourism Management


A multi-country project to modernize curricula in sustainable tourism management (SuToMa) and develop a joint understanding about the principles.
Improvement of environmental liability regime: introduction of methodology for valuation of environmental damage


Armenia and Georgia, two South Caucasus countries, determined to establish a sovereign, democratic, social state governed by rule of law, have adopted a policy to shift toward market relations in the economy.
Establishing structured approach towards training of Environmental Inspectors in Armenia and Azerbaijan


The aim of this project is to introduce a structured approach towards trainings for the employees of the State Environmental Inspectorate (SEI) of Armenia and Azerbaijan, also establish a mechanism of information exchange that will help SEI employees to continuously learn about new developments
Management of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat Nature Conservation in the Caucasus

The Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS) provides support to the Ministries of Environment of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia to increase regional sector harmonization and sector development in nature conservation and related socio-economic development.