Launching the Smart city Profile of Goris

Republic of Armenia State Committee on Urban Development, UNECE Land and Housing Division, Regional environmental center for Caucasus and Municipality of Goris city have launched the Smart city Profile for Goris (Syuniq...



RECP Green clubs : supporting resource efficiency and cleaner production for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are considered as priority for job creation and overall development of Armenian economy. The Government of the Republic of Armeni...



Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Primer for Business Companies

Management of the Transboundary Joint Secretariat Nature Conservation in the Caucasus

TJS: Specific activities:

Within this context TJS works on local, national and supra-national/regional levels. Specific tasks for TJS at specific levels are as follows:

At the local level TJS will:

- Support the ministries to implement individual PA projects of the Ecoregional Programme upon request, giving advice on the implementation of innovative concepts and in the analysis of “lessons learned”; for example this could be appropriate for issues such as:

o Participatory Protected Areas (PA) planning and management,

o Nature-based tourism development,

o Medium to long term concepts for sustainable finance of running costs of PA,

o Development of a realistic approach for socio-economic development activities within the adjacent communities of PA;

- Support the ministries to establish transboundary mechanisms,

- Organize and finance exchange visits and workshops to facilitate experience exchange among seconded local staff of the field projects, their project implementing agencies and their implementation consultants.