Vacancy of National Project Coordinator

The Regional Environmental Center for the Caucasus Armenia (REC Caucasus) is seeking a dedicated and experienced National Project Coordinator to join our team in Armenia. This position will play a crucial role in impleme...



Vacancy of International Expert on Agrobiodiversity

Vacancy of International Expert on Agrobiodiversity is available at UNEP/GEF “Land Restoration and Ecosystem Service Improvement through Use of Fruit and Nut Tree Biodiversity in Armenia” Project GEF ID 11140 project...



Vacancy for Gender Expert

Vacancy for Gender expert is available. For more information on vacancy details please open relevant files. Interested candidates should submit their updated CVs and cover letters to the following address: inforeccaucasus@gmail.com by the 11th of December, 2023, by 12:00 a.m...



EU4Environment RECP Green Clubs in Armenia: Mainstreaming circular approaches among producers in Gyumri

Green Clubs: 2nd meeting in Gyumri
On August 10, 2023, a Green Clubs 2nd meeting was held in the Asparez press club Hall in Gyumri. The purpose of this meeting was to present to the Club members the “Module 2: Energy”.
The event was attended by representatives from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operating in the region, academia representatives, members of public organizations.
The Second meeting’s primary objective is to evaluate the organization’s energy consumption, encompassing both historical and ongoing energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. The aim is to comprehensively assess all aspects of energy resource management, categorizing potential risks from manageable to unmanageable for the company.
The Part 2 “Energy Resources” of the Self-Assessment Tool was utilized, building upon the skills acquired during the previous meeting. The following key aspects was covered:
Primary Energy Consumers: This section focuses on identifying major energy resources consumed. It includes the energy resource type, corresponding consumer, consumption amount, annual usage hours, and purpose of usage. It encompasses:
- Direct energy consumption within the production process.
-Direct energy consumption for utility functions.
-Other instances of direct energy consumption.
Indirect Energy Consumers: entities that indirectly consume energy resources, including utility consumption, activity requirements, hourly consumption, and annual usage hours. Cases where energy is regenerated or reused are examine. This analysis includes the following consumer categories:
- Steam consumers.
- Cooling water consumers.
- Compressed air users.
Addressing these aspects was aimed at developing a comprehensive understanding of energy consumption patterns, which, in turn, led to the formulation of well-informed strategies for enhancing energy management. At the end of the meeting RECP Green Clubs Technical Experts Mrs. Dshkhuhi Sahakyan conducted visits to several enterprises, in particular, “Nor Hatik” agricultural cooperative and “Ararat Poghosyan” Individual entrepreneur (farmer) operating in Bavra community of Shirak Marz, identified as participants of the Green Clubs initiative. The purpose of these visits was to familiarize themselves with the production capabilities of these enterprises and conduct an initial/preliminary assessment of their activities.