Vacancy of National Project Coordinator

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Vacancy of International Expert on Agrobiodiversity

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Vacancy for Gender Expert

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Vacancy GIS Analyst and Technical Expert

gef forest watch



Regional environmental center for Caucasus Armenia and World Resources Institute are announcing a competition for the vacancy of GIS Analyst and Technical Expert within the framework of the GEF Upscaling Global Forest Watch in the Caucasus Region project. Project is supported by the Ministry of Environment of Armenia, and implemented by UN Environment, World Resources Institute and REC Caucasus.

Expected Outcomes and Deliverables

The GIS Analyst and Technical Expert will:

  • Lead development and implementation of technical aspects of activities nationally;
  • Lead the conceptualization, development and implementation of GIS-based tools and analytical methods in support project partners;
  • Support communicating about forest data and analysis to technical and non-technical audiences at national and international levels (e.g. by producing maps, graphs, figures, contributing to writing blog posts and articles);
  • Respond to technical inquiries related to project work;
  • Represent the project and give presentations at conferences and workshops, when necessary;
  • Provide technical assistance to relevant processes such as land use planning, monitoring of activities, and other relevant areas of natural resource management nationally;
  • Advise and support enhancing the compatibility of data and metadata structures with related systems, standards or regulations;
  • Provide training for partners in GIS, remote sensing, management of forest databases, as well as in the application of forest data to key forest management processes;
  • Promote the exchange of geographical data and metadata between the members of the team, and those of other related projects and institutions;
  • Provide support in developing strategies for acquiring new datasets relevant to the project, in the context of identified thematic and geographic research priorities;
  • Collection, compilation, or integration of external cartographic data as required for analysis or reporting needs;
  • Prepare and analyze spatial data, including deriving spatial statistics by using geoprocessing tools (e.g. Model Builder and other analytical tools using ArcGIS and Python);
  • Project management and support of other tasks outside of GIS when necessary;
  • Create visually appealing and high quality maps and posters;


  • National atlases for interactive forest resources and land use built and customized;
  • Database with all relevant data (data relevant to forestry and land-use), including metadata;
  • Completed technical trainings on use and upkeep of the portal and restoration opportunities map for government and other important stakeholders and national users.

Required Qualifications:

  • Degree from accredited university in Geography, GIS, Information Systems, Forestry, Natural Resource Management or another related field;
  • Minimum of three years of professional experience relevant in GIS and data management;
  • Proficiency with GIS software, including ESRI tools such as ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Hubs;
  • Familiarity with website development languages and concepts including JSON notation, HTML, and CSS;
  • Strong analytical skills;
  • Understanding and experience of the forest sector in Armenia;
  • A demonstrated willingness to take initiative and get things done with little guidance;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with teams of individuals and colleagues from different cultures and in different time zones;
  • Ability to travel internationally, including the United States, when needed.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience writing small programs and scripts using Python and or similar tools;
  • Preference for experience working with international or government organizations.

Languages: Fluency in Armenian (writing, reading, speaking) is necessary. Proficiency in English (writing, reading, speaking) is also necessary.

Interested candidates can send their CVs and Cover Letters via following e-mail address: reccarmenia@gmail.com

Deadline for application:  23 June, 2020.

Terms of Reference are enclosed below:

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