Tender announcement: Film creation services. EU BSB 1138 APRA project

In the framework of EU BSB-1138 Anti-Littering Partnership for Green Rural Areas Project in BSB Countries, REC Caucasus Armenia National Office is announcing a te...



Preparation of Local Solid Waste Management Plans

On February 2, 20f Dilijan community to present the "Methodology for Preparation of Local Solid Waste Management Plans" EU BSB 1138 – “Anti-Littering Par22, a regular meeting on Waste Management Plan preparation was ...



Public Hearings, Syuniq marz, EIA on Analysis of Landscape Restoration and Afforestation Works in Syuniq Region, IFAD GEF

According to the RA Law on Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise / 21.06.2014 HO-110-N / and in accord...



Global Water Partnership of Central Asia and Caucasus Region is 10 Years old

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Global Water Partnership of Central Asia and Caucasus Regions, on 23 April, 2012 Country Water Partnership Armenia organized workshop, hosted by Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus Armenia.

Danka Thalmeinerova, (GWP Knowledge Manager Specialist) and Arevik Hovsepyan (CWP projects manager) presented an organization, its mission and goal aimed to guarantee that the integrated approach to water resources management was invested in more countries and regions, as tool for just and effective management and sustainable water use.

Number of speeches, presentations on overall activities of Country Water Partnership conducted in Armenia, including innovative ideas, educational trainings on management tools and mechanisms for water resources management, seminars on investment of IWRM approach, round tables to develop political dialogue, including civil society into the process were demonstrated.

An extensive and interesting workshop program covered a wide range of topics and issues including  institutional issues related to water and sewage system; water resource protection and management; water quality and public health; reliability and safety of water supply and wastewater treatment; pipeline construction and repair.

Informational leaflets developed by CWP highlighting an organization’s numerous processes, programs in Armenia was shown and delivered to workshop attendees.