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EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT Specialized Training for Professionals on “CIRCULAR ECONOMY PRACTICES” within the European Union-funded EU4Environment Action



EU BSB 1138 APRA Project

On 18-26 of September 2021 within the framework of “World Cleanup Day” the working team of EU-funded BSB 1138 – “Anti-Littering Partnership for Green Rural Areas” project implemented by the “Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus” foundation’s Armenian br...



Brief Information on UNIDO /RECP/ Training 2, Yerevan, Armenia, REC Caucasus

REC Caucasus RECP team organized the second training within the frames of UNIDO “Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production” (RECP) Program, which took place from 8th to 11th September, Conference hall of UN Armenia House, in Yerevan. The aim of the training was to introduce the assessment, evaluation and recommendations of the Demo organizations by the experts. The training had module presentation (1-6, presented during the RECP introductory on 14-16 of April, 2014) introducing next steps to be applied by the experts when working with the Demo organizations.

The training was officially launched by Ruzanna Harutyunyan from ministry of Economy as a Steering  Com. member , the head of UNIDO Operations Ms. Anahit Simonyan and UNIDO RECP National Coordinator Ms. Nune Harutyunyan. It was supported by the international expert Mr. Nazir Abidjanov.

The training consisted of two parts: module presentation (Mr. Abidjanov) and expert presentations covering conducted expert assessment results in the business companies and RECP demonstration organizations. At the end of each presentation there was a “question & answer” session. The modules presented by the international expert Mr. Abidjanov, were aimed at introducing the main objectives, methodology by which the experts need to further implement the project in the Demo companies, in order to achieve the expected results.

The companies the experts are working with are Kashi OJSC, HATM Ltd, Marila LLC, Ashtarak Dzu LLC, Lukashin Producers Cooperative, Sateni Producers Cooperative, Malika Ltd, Unifish Ltd, M&Mavr OJSC and Arame &Sophy Ltd, based in various regions of Armenia.

The presentations of the experts were based on their current job being carried out in Demo organizations and their practice. They presented the production process sectors where there was loss of efficiency in the use of electricity, area, water, land, etc. Along with the main problems there were solutions offered with both high and low expenditures required. There were included issues like: recycling or reuse of raw materials, water usage efficiency increase, electricity use efficiency increase (replacement of heating light bulbs to LEDs, etc.).

International expert Mr. Nazir Abidjanov focused on economic, technical and environmental evaluation of the samples, implementation of RRR (reduce, reuse, recycle) principles.

Training was carried out quite actively, participants created working atmosphere by presenting, understanding the objective of the training.

The aim of the experts` presentations during these three days was to introduce overall situation in the companies they work with; according to which the international expert gave his specific evaluation and offered further plan. One of the main concerns of the experts is to find out the production processes where the resources are used ineffectively and eliminate those, also finding out the technologies and alternative ways of using those resources more effectively.

According to the experts the RRR principle would be also an incentive to expand the business and gain financial benefit. The latter would be the most important incentive for the companies to implement the project.