Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production Primer

6 PRIMER ARMENIA FINAL English 19 12 2016 (1)

“Resource efficiency and clean production” (RECP) Demonstration project is implemented within EU funded “Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighborhood” (EAP Green), by UNIDO and Regional environmental center for Caucasus.  For industrial development projects implementation RECP uses tested preventive environmental approaches: improved efficiency of resources (reduced production costs and materials, energy and water consumption), reduced environmental impact (less waste products and pollution) and improved professional and social health and protection. The main aim of RECP pilot project is to improve resource efficiency and environmental action particularly in the fields of agricultural/ food production, chemical and construction materials production. The aim of the Primer is support local SMEs in using RECP methodology based on efficient and clean production, and assist business sector in embedding RECP locally using RECP methodology, tools and experiences in Armenia. The publication illustrates several business models and successful examples that were developed by RECP national experts’ team and by the project during 2015-2016 RECP assessment cycles.